Friday, January 23, 2009

A YEAR LATER!!!......Well technically a month later.

So I made promises never kept them a new year came still no updates until now...

Ok to make up for the vast non-updating I am going to make a huge post with lots of content. I have updated my portfolio and soon (hopefully soon) my demo reel! Below is a sample page from said portfolio and some extra stuff, "behind the scenes drawings" if you will. Also some WIP are here as well.

So Enjoy and I'll see you soon.


Portfolio preview, will be uploading to me thinks.

Some Lara Croft fan art WIP...

Skullshire Girl WIP for the site

Here is a pic that did not make it into THIS version of my portfolio maybe the next one...

This is a comparison of the girl in the portfolio page above my initial cafe sketch was very lacking so I decided to make it a strong drawing by using my structure to show her face and also I wrapped the glasses around the head better than they were.

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