Saturday, March 7, 2009

And so begins the next chapter...

So in a weird turn of events....ironic if you will....I was let go from work about a month after my last post about artist suffering during the "recession".

Well I'm keeping spirits high and looking for work back in the industry. Keeping drawing and staying positive. I now have more time to perfect my craft. Below you will find a couple of things I have been working on as well as some treats I've found while updating my portfolio.

Which brings me to my next point....I now have an online Portfolio. I joined the site and have created a portfolio like I mentioned I was going to do a couple post ago.

So Check it out tell me what you think and I'll be back next week with some more postage for all to see.


Check out these earlier sketches for my Skullshire Girl piece, done in Sketchbook Pro...

Here are two early versions of the Burst Angel drawing I did way back when......The one on the left is detail on the face and the one on the right is the original version before I made some changes to the drawing.

Here is a sketch I was working on. I have recently purchased Toon Boom Animate and was messing around by doing a caricature of myself.

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