Friday, September 12, 2008

Oekaki woes.........

So me and my friends have an oekaki board where we draw inside jokes and such and just have a good time. Well today wasn't a good time. We had this Batman joke going and I wanted to contribute. I did a Two-Face drawing spending some time on details and what not only to not be allowed to upload. I tried a bunch of different things to get on but nothing worked. I then got some crappy scribble tests to work and then attempted to draw another pic. BIG MISTAKE!!!! I ended up spending more time on the second one thinking that it would work and guess what NO IT DIDN'T!!! Anyways I've decided to post them here so they can be seen.

I'm done ranting here are the pics...............

I also hope to get the finished Summer's End piece up by the end of this weekend.


Here is pic number one

And Pic number Two.......heh heh two.

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