Sunday, January 31, 2010

ROM Trip...

From Bustards to Raccoon Dog's.

So yesterday I took a trip to the Royal Ontario Museum and did some drawing. It's been a while since I've been there but it was great, the museum always makes me feels like a little kid. Yesterdays trip was special though it's the first time I have ever gone drawing at the ROM and my friends and I had a blast. So much to see so much to draw! We spent so much time in the first couple of rooms that we totally didn't even see the other areas. I totally sugest that you go sketching in the ROM it was very successful for me and q welcome change from the norm. Anyways check out some of the sketches I got below and I'll return with more posts later.



The majestic Bear...OOooo...AAaaaa

The Great Bustard...really that's
what it's called

I unfortunatly didn't catch the name on this little guy,
but I had to draw him he was awesome!

There were some cool looking owls there too!

There were also a couple of intense looking Tigers!

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Felipe Siem said...

nice stuff, keep on drawing kosta