Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Something old...

New Year...New GEAR!!

So It's been awhile since I updated... But It's okay I'm back, I have some new ideas and I wanna clean this place up and re-organize. I'm going to keep the old posts and such, I just want to go through and make everything look neat. So in this post I have a drawing I did when Terminator Salvation came out in theaters. I was inspired to do a Clone Wars take on it turned out cool I think. Got the BluRay for Christmas and was think of revisiting this idea of an animated Terminator. I've also been busy doing tattoo designs for friends and that kinda stuff so now that its a new year I wanna get into gear and post more art than links ...ahhahaha.

Anywyas hope you enjoy and... I'LL BE BACK!


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